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Swollen knee for Lacrosse or Basketball treatment.(10-June JeanneRose * News ~Online * Herbal Rose Report)(Report).

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INTRODUCTION: Lacrosse is a rough game and the young men and women who play it get the same sort of injuries that occur in football, rugby and other sports where the legs and arms need to turn at sharp angles to make the 'cuts' on the turf and to get away from other players. My son turned his knee, which became swollen. Then his new job was to lift and carry heavy boxes and unload trucks of equipment. His knee was painful, inflamed and swollen.

HYDROSOLS: none in particular

ESSENTIAL OILS: Made an excellent formula of 10-12% essential oil in carrier oil.

1 oz Bruise Juice--anti-inflammatory (see Herbs & Things, page 204-205)

1 oz St. Johnswort infused oil--pain

50 drops Helichrysum--anti-hematomic

10 drops each of Sage, Basil and Artemisia douglasiana--pain

+ 10 drops Grand Fir for odor

EXTERNAL MASSAGE: Massage the above oil into the knee and surrounding area, as often as needed with Bruise Juice. This is palliative as well as healing. Bruise Juice is available from Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy at

BRONCHIAL CLEANSER:--not necessary

HERBAL AND AROMATHERAPY BATHS: Add essential oils and herbs to the hot bath and soak. Use baths as needed, hopefully once every other day. The same herbs and oils can be used in compress form at night. The same herbs and oils can be chilled and used as ice compresses.

The Perfect Bath Salts * Contents: 30% Ceara or Rio Salts, XXL or jumbo and which are 99% sodium chloride; or Bali salts which are smaller but absorb oils and color better; 20% Epsom salts, medium size and which are Magnesium sulfate; 40% Dead Sea Salts, medium size and which are 33% Magnesium chloride and 24% Potassium chloride; 10% Baking Soda is sodium bicarbonate; Mix the salts; Scent the salts; Color the salts; Bag the salts

DIET: normal and especially dark green leafy vegetables for the calcium


HERBS: anti-inflammatory herbs

Herbs & Essential Oils for Muscle Aches and Pains

Basil Essential oil. Use in massage oils for warming effect on muscles and tendons.

Birch Bark (Betula lenta) Herb and Essential oil. The essential oil should always be used diluted in a vegetable oil. An herbal infusion is added to the bath.

Bruise Juice is an herbal oil composed of at least 60 herbs, roots, barks and seeds; used as a carrier oil for essential oils in massage or as a direct application for insect bites, poison oak, cuts and scratches.

Blue Sage (Artemisia douglasiana) Muscle aches and pains, painkiller. A beautiful pale blue oil.

Chamomile flowers (Matricaria recutita) Herb and Essential oil or Chamamaelum nobile Essential oil. The herb and essential oil are wonderfully soothing, gentle, and have a mild aroma that is not in the least bit medicinal. Both herb and essential oil are wonderful after-exercise treats! The herb and essential oil of Roman Chamomile (Chamamaelum nobile) are often recommended for those with sensitive skin and for children. Try the formula for Chamomile Lotion in the Formulas section of this article.

Clove bud (Syzygium aromatica) Herb and Essential oil. The essential oil of Clove is pain killing and is particularly effective in oil rubs. It is used to overcome exhaustion, for muscle aches and pains. It is sometimes considered allergenic. Do not use this essential oil in the bath. The herb can be infused in a vegetable oil to make a massage oil.

Cypress needles and twigs (Cupressus sempervirens) Essential oil. This essential oil is warming and uplifting and is also calming when used before bedtime.

Eucalyptus leaf (Eucalyptus spp.) Essential oil. The essential oil is a stimulant and can be used with Rosemary herb and Rosemary essential oil as an anti-inflammatory for aching muscles. It is also useful with Tea Tree oil.

Lemon Essential oil expressed from the peel used as a fragrant stimulating antiseptic with other essential oils for muscular aches and pains, and as an anti-inflammatory.

Peppermint herb (Mentha x piperita) Herb and Essential oil. A cooling, stimulating essential oil used for muscle rubs and in baths. Peppermint essential oil is especially appreciated when added to lotion and used as a foot massage for aching, hot, tired feet. Peppermint herb baths are refreshing.

Pine needle (all types) Essential oil. The essential oil is an anti-inflammatory and can be used in baths or rubs.

Rosemary leaf (Rosmarinus officinalis) Herb and Essential oil. This is one of the most popular herbs and essential oils used in the relief of sore muscles. The essential oil is a diuretic and sweat producer, and is wonderful in strengthening baths. Both herb and essential oil of Rosemary are used in massage for all forms of joint and muscular pain.

Sage (Salvia officinalis) Essential oil. Use the essential oil in a massage oil blend for aches & pains, also restores the energy of the whole organism.

St. John's Wort leaf (Hypericum perforatum) Herb. Use the infused herbal oil for a sore muscle rub. The infused herbal oil is traditionally used for neck and back injuries and spinal trauma.

Tarragon leaf (Artemisia dracunculus) Herb and Essential oil. This is a very strong essential oil and should be used sparingly in a carrier oil for a massage for sore muscles. The herb can be infused in oil and used as a base oil for massage.

EXERCISE: Ride a bicycle. Stop weights. Stop running. Heal knee.

ALWAYS USE baths, essential oils, hydrosols, dietary supplements and anything that you can possibly think of that will help with your condition. Read! Magazines, books and only the best and most common sense info. EX: if something is beeping and it doesn't have an electric cord attached, then you know that it works on batteries, therefore disconnect by removing the batteries, don't bash it against the wall!

NETI POT: Finally, do not forget cleansing daily with the Neti pot using an aromatic salt.

Sea salt with Thyme and Tea tree E.O. added. A good formula is 2 ounces by quantity of sea salt. Grind or with a mortar and pestle, mash 6 drops of essential oil into 1 teaspoon of the salt. Then mix this with the balance of the salt. Store in an airtight glass jar. Use ? t. salt to 8 oz warm water.

RESOURCE: Personal experience.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Herbs & Things, Jeanne Rose, 1972,

# 1--for Asthma

6 drops Eucalyptus radiata or smithii

2 drops Rosemary pyramidalis (for the sinus)

1 drop Peppermint (menthol is clearing)

4 drops Ammi visnaga (therapeutic for asthma)

Up to 1 tablespoon rock salt

Place a few pieces of rock salt in a vial and add the oils. The salt will quickly adsorb the oils.


# 2--Bronchial or Allergic Asthma Congestion

10 drops Peppermint

8 drops Eucalyptus

4 drops Rosemary

4 drops Tea Tree

2 drops Ammi visnaga

3 drops Blue Tansy

1/2 vial Bali salt

Place a few pieces of rock salt in a vial and add the oils. The salt will quickly adsorb the oils. Inhale.

#3--Respiratory Cleansing

Equal parts of Oregano and Rosemary cineol

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Disclaimer:This information is not a tool for self-diagnosis or a substitute for professional care.

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