Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Delt Dilemma: spur new growth with ample rest and this hard-hitting routine.(WORKOUT RX)(Brief article).

One thing to keep in mind: Every time you do anything with your shoulders, your rotator cuffs and tendons are involved. On bench-press day you work not only your anterior delts but also your rotator cuffs; when you do pulling moves to hit your back, you work your rear delts along with--you guessed it--your rotator cuffs. And if you were to do a separate shoulder day that week, they'd get beaten up again. Over time, your efforts will become counterproductive as the shoulder capsules become chronically tired and overtrained. The last thing your delts will do in this state is grow.

The solution is to train shoulders only once a week, adding your delt routine to either your push or pull workout. Even though that workout will now be much longer, you'll have more recovery time between sessions and you should begin to see progress.

The routine below is designed to build mass and give your shoulders a good pump. If you're short on time or feeling overtrained, reduce the number of sets for each exercise by one. If you feel you can handle more volume, on the other hand, add an extra set to each move. After four weeks of using this workout, take a full week off from training shoulders (if not two weeks) before repeating it. Remember, avoiding overtraining is the key to bigger delts.



Standing Military Press 3 8 -
--superset with--
Cable Lateral Raise 3 2 2 min.
One-Arm Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press 3 8 -
--superset with--
Dumbbell Front Raise 3 12 2 min.
Cable Rear-Delt Raise 4 12 2 min.

Perform this workout on your push or pull day (preferably push).

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Sandler, David. "Delt Dilemma: spur new growth with ample rest and this hard-hitting routine." Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness June 2010: 205. Academic OneFile. Web. 2 June 2010.
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