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Tender Love and Care

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The Virginia State Corporate Commission on March 26 issued an Order approving the majority of the Washington Gas' proposed Conservation and Ratemaking Efficiency Plan.

According to a release, the commission approved a decoupling rate mechanism and six residential energy efficiency programs. The decoupling rate mechanism will work in conjunction with the existing mechanism for a weather normalization adjustment to encourage consumer conservation without penalizing the Company's recovery of its fixed costs. The cost of the energy efficiency programs will be funded through a cost tracker/recovery mechanism, and the specifics of the six residential energy efficiency programs will support the national and local efforts for conservation and energy savings.

"Washington Gas continues to provide rate structures that offer price stability to customers and earnings stability to investors," said Terry McCallister, Washington Gas chairman and chief executive officer. "The CARE Ratemaking Adjustment and the CARE Cost Adjustment aligns the company's interest with our Virginia customers in reducing their gas bills through conservation and energy efficiency measures."

A final step in the process requires the company to file tariff documents to define the program and to specify funding details and to get commission approval on the final details prior to implementation. The company expects the program to be in place before mid-summer of 2010.

The approved residential energy efficiency programs include:

-Energy Efficiency Education Program - Intended to raise general awareness of the importance of energy conservation to Washington Gas customers and inform them of program offerings in order to conserve natural gas and possibly lower their energy bills.

-Heating System Check-up Program - Provides residential customers with an incentive toward either the cost of a seasonal inspection of their heating system or a credit towards a programmable thermostat.

-Boiler/Furnace Replacement Program - Provides residential customers with an incentive to pay for a portion of the incremental cost for the installation of a high efficiency natural gas boiler or furnace with an efficiency of 85 percent or greater.

-Water Heater Replacement Program - Provides residential customers with an incentive to replace existing water heaters with higher energy efficient models.

-Natural Gas New Homes Program with ENERGY STAR - Provides residential customers incentives to install highly energy efficient ENERGY STAR rated natural gas equipment and/or high efficiency boilers or furnaces in residential new construction.

-Low Income Energy Assistance Program - Provides funding to state agencies that administer Federal weatherization programs.

Washington Gas is a subsidiary of WGL Holdings. The parent company holds a group of energy-related retail businesses that focus primarily on retail energy-marketing and commercial heating, ventilating and air conditioning services.

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