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CHANDIGARH: PGI has been caught on the 'wrong' foot over the purchase of second ranked Xray films. In the latest audit report, objection has been raised asking as to why the institute overruling the advice of the technical committee, which had suggested purchase of best quality films, settled for the second ranked films. The total purchase was reportedly to the tune of around Rs 90 lakh.

As per the report, price bids for four firms for the procurement of main X-ray films were evaluated by the technical committee on July 3 last year, which recommended the purchase of "best quality films" after ranking the firms as first, second, third and fourth. The clause added to this was that the institute should not go in for the second best film unless the difference in price between the first and second is not more than five to 10 per cent. During the scrutiny of the supply order dated May 11, 2001, and comparative statement for the purchase of main X-ray films of various sizes, "it was noticed" that the committee had recommended purchase of the best quality film. The report says that though the difference in price between the two varied between 0.41 per cent to 0.48 per cent in various sizes, the second ranked film was chosen.

Subsequently an audit memo was issued on September 8, 2002, to which the department replied that the committee had found "all the films of the three firms satisfactory". The contract, it was said, was awarded in accordance with the terms and conditions of the tender.

The audit branch, however, said that the reply was "not tenable" . Clarifying the department's position, senior doctors of the Radiodiagnosis department said, "This was done in keeping with the objections raised by the Central Vigilance Commission. Even if there is a difference of one paise, we are not supposed to buy the costliest equipments."

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"PGI caught on 'wrong' foot." Asia Africa Intelligence Wire 7 Apr. 2003. Popular Magazines. Web. 15 Mar. 2010.
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