Monday, February 15, 2010

In peace & harmony, for the last 20 years; By imposing Rs1K fine forpicking fights, Kalyan-based society has achieved the feat.

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They say nothing is impossible for the willing. New Shivdarshan Society, a residential society located at Beturkar Pada in Kalyan, has certainly managed to prove it beyond doubt by maintaining peace and harmony in the society, without a single conflict, since last 20 years.

Otherwise considered an impossible feat by most societies, the peaceful environment was created thanks to a rule framed by the society. The rule stated that any member found guilty of picking a fight will be charged a fine of Rs1,000. Seemingly simple, this rule has managed to avoid any discord in the society since two decades.

New Shivdarshan Society has 33 families with most of its residents belonging to the Konkani community. With the initiative by one of its residents VR Ambre, the cluster of chawl-type residences got registered as a society in 1990. Once the society was formed, the then committee members came up with this rule so that the families could reside together in a cordial environment. The society's rule came into being much before the state government came up with a similar concept under its 'Tanta Mukti Gram Scheme.'

Moreover, the society members also come together to celebrate Ganpati, Diwali. They also hold an hour-long programme of bhajans every Saturday. All these initiatives are taken up with the idea of developing strong bonding, trust and affection among the residents. VR Chavan, secretary of the society, said, "We have started a funding scheme for the members and plan to provide financial assistance for a medical emergency.

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"In peace & harmony, for the last 20 years; By imposing Rs1K fine for picking fights, Kalyan-based society has achieved the feat." DNA [Daily News & Analysis] 23 Jan. 2010. Educator's Reference Complete. Web. 15 Feb. 2010.
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