Friday, January 1, 2010

Judo pair seek fighting chance.

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THE careers of two young judo fighters could be cut short because their parents are unable to get the financial support they need.

Elizabeth Dalby-Webb, 12, and her brother, David, eight, from Redcar, are members of The Dolphins Judo Club, in Darlington.

Elizabeth is a green belt and fought in the national judo competition last year. David is a yellow belt. Both regularly do well in competitions.

Their parents, Julia and Mike, travel more than 200 miles a week, pay for competition entrance fees that can be as high as GBP250, and for lessons and judo suits, which cost GBP30 each.

They have applied for funding, along with The Dolphins of Darlington, but have so far been unsuccessful, because the town is not seen as a disadvantaged area.

Julia said: "A judo club in Newburn, in north Newcastle, got funding towards transport, judo suits and they have a minibus provided, because it is a deprived area. Darlington isn't, so the parents have to fork out for it themselves.

"I don't know what it is about judo that means people aren't generally interested in sponsoring.

"The competitions we go to are always packed and it is a great sport for teaching children discipline. And it keeps them very fit and strong.

"Both my children suffered from hyperactivity, but since they started judo with Joe Glynn, in Coulby Newham, the difference has been phenomenal.

"The children have to do what they are told in judo. It is very important."

Anyone interested in sponsoring the children or the club is asked to contact The Northern Echo's Redcar office, on (01642) 513346.

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