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Man of Style Taylor Lautner.(the Look; MAN OF STYLE)(Interview).

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The romance continues. In The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Native American turned teen wolf Jacob Black woos Bella after sexy vampire Edward Cullen skips town. But the true transformation comes from 17-year-old Taylor Lautner, whose portrayal of Jacob in the second movie makes him a leading man in his own right. As the former karate champ from Grand Rapids, Mich., says, "I get to be stubborn, fierce, emotional." And he becomes an actor who shows real muscle.

Since you've bulked up for New Moon, which designers fit you best?

I've been wearing a lot of suits lately, and I love the Calvin Klein Collection. It fits great and is comfortable. I like Cole Haan for my dress shoes. If I want to be more casual, I love Diesel. They make my favorite straight-leg jeans.

How has your look evolved?

I would always get teased for dressing up too much for certain occasions, or just for going to school. I'd play football and my friends would show up in shorts and T-shirts, but I'd be in jeans and a button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Now I like to be cool and comfortable but have a little edge. I go through phases where I'll wear jeans and a white V-neck, but the next day I'll get all dressed up and wear a button-down shirt with a jacket.

Do you still play football?

Yeah! It's my indulgence. I've played it my whole life. I always need to have a football in my hand. Like, whenever I'm on set, I'm always holding a ball. If I get a break from shooting, I throw it around with somebody.

Like who?

Surprisingly, Kristen [Stewart] has a really good arm; she's very accurate. I would play catch with her and her assistant, John.

What's one thing in your closet you can't live without?

Leather jackets, like this John Varvatos one I'm wearing now. I have about five or six.

You're such an active guy--how do you keep your hair so perfect?

I use KMS Hairplay and Redken Rough Paste.

Jacob gets a lot of advice from his father. What has your dad taught you?

He tells me to save wisely--don't spend all your money.

Who are your heroes in Hollywood?

Acting-wise, definitely Denzel Washington. I love Matt Damon because of the Bourne series. And Christian Slater--I played his son on My Own Worst Enemy last year and hadn't seen him since the TV show finished. But when I was at Dodger Stadium during the summer, somebody tapped me on the back, and I turned around and it's Christian. It was so great to see him--he's just the nicest guy and one of the most professional people I've ever worked with. I learned so much from him.

Who was your first screen crush?

It was Jessica Alba for quite a while. Now it's Megan Fox. I'd love to work with her.

What do you or don't you like to see a girl wear?

I think a girl is most attractive when wearing sweats and just being herself. I don't like when they try to get too dressed up. That's why I'm not a big fan of high heels. I really like jeans with round-toe ballet flats. Also, ankle boots with a skirt or short dress.

Describe your perfect Saturday night.

Going out to dinner at a steak house. I found the best steak house in Vancouver, called the Keg. I love my steak--no sushi, blue cheese, coconut or beets for me. My trainer actually gets on me, saying, "You need to start eating chicken; stop eating that red meat!" But I can't help it. I am a steak-and-burger kind of guy.

Beyond food, what do you think makes a man?

You have to be able to be a sports guy and have friends to watch the Super Bowl with, but then also take your girl out for a walk and buy her clothes and jewelry.

So a guy should be tough and tender. Sounds like you've described Jacob's rival, Edward Cullen.

Oh, but Edward can't play football. Or transform into a wolf. Then again, I can't sparkle in the sunlight.

What TWILIGHT Women Say


"He's the total package: sweet, genuine, talented. His fashion sense complements his personality--put together and laid-back."


"The thing that makes Taylor so watchable is his ability to let people in. And he always looks great--in such an effortless way."


"He's very honest, very open. I'm not like that with everyone. It definitely says something about him--he puts people at ease."

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