Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kit Bag; Essential gear for judo.(Features).

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Adidas Club Judo Gi uniform Pounds 30 from

This loose-fitting yet durable judo uniform is designed for the demanding grappling required in the sport. The seams are all reinforced and the wide lapels of the jacket are padded to help provide a more secure grip.

Thera-Band latex band Pounds 10 from

These latex training bands are ideal for improving your explosive strength or range of motion. They are sold in varying levels of resistance and can be used in a variety of exercises depending on which muscles are being worked on.

Digi Flex finger trainer Pounds 31.50 from

In order to throw an opponent, you'll need to execute quickly - and then maintain - a firm grip on their uniform. This training device will help to strengthen your fingers and hands to build a vice-like grip.

Reebok 750ml water bottle Pounds 4 from

"Performing indoors, and wearing heavy outfits, judo players sweat profusely and suffer extreme dehydration," says physiotherapist Neil Maclean-Martin. With a 750ml capacity, this lightweight water bottle will see you through a demanding session.

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