Thursday, November 5, 2009

Zebra Mats Offers New Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Martial Artists.

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MAPLE GROVE, Minn. -- Zebra Mats has recently launched a new division called Zebra Tournament Systems (ZTS). Similar to an event planning service only focused on the martial arts industry, ZTS provides the equipment, know-how, and training to help its dealers deliver expert competition services to martial arts clubs, academies, and tournament organizers. ZTS is looking for motivated dealers who are interested in managing their own businesses offering comprehensive martial arts competition services.

The Zebra Tournament Systems concept was developed to address the need for a more efficient way to manage quality, professional martial arts competitions. By providing a one-stop rental source for all event and tournament needs, including professional equipment and event planning, ZTS is helping tournament directors and organizers create more memorable and fun experiences for competitors, officials, and fans.

ZTS offers a turnkey system that any competition host can benefit from. From the initial planning efforts, to the delivery and setup of competition mats and all the auxiliary equipment needed to run an event (tables, chairs, timers, barricades, scales, etc.), ZTS eliminates the time and effort normally required for tournament operations. The ZTS team even dismantles and removes all equipment when the event is finished.

For entrepreneurs, club owners, or other business people interested in creating a substantial income in the martial arts industry, the ZTS model offers an excellent way to get started. Not only can partners capitalize on the growing popularity and ubiquity of martial arts competitions, they can leverage more than 50 years of tournament experience offered by ZTS' principals, Chuck Blanski, Rommel Dunbar, and Jimmy Pedro. These business professionals provide the expertise and know-how to help partners succeed quickly. In addition, Zebra Mats, one of the premier martial arts suppliers in the industry, offers marketing and advertising support to build awareness and interest.

"We believe there is tremendous opportunity to improve the quality, consistency, and professional appearance of martial arts competitions around the U.S.," commented Chuck Blanski, President of Zebra Mats. "And we are excited about building a team of goal-oriented partners who can capitalize on this opportunity."

Candidate Business Partners and Tournament Organizers, Call Now!

If you are interested in learning more about the ZTS business opportunity and how to get involved, or if you are planning a martial arts competition and would like to take advantage of an affordable service that will help you run a first class event and maximize revenue opportunities, contact Jimmy Pedro, VP, Sales & Marketing for Zebra Mats and ZTS at: (800) 510-4026 or Chuck Blanski at: (800) 989-8085.

About Zebra Tournament Systems

Founded in 2007, Zebra Tournament Systems offers a comprehensive set of equipment and management services for hosting professional martial arts competitions. ZTS is comprised of independent dealerships that cover specific territories throughout the U.S. A division of Zebra Mats, the company is headquartered in Maple Grove, Minnesota. More information is available by calling: (800) 989-8085 or by visiting:

ZTS is a registered trademark of Zebra Mats.

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"Zebra Mats Offers New Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Martial Artists." Business Wire 10 June 2008. General OneFile. Web. 6 Nov. 2009. .

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