Saturday, August 15, 2009

Technical variation in a sample of high level judo players

Technical actions performed by two groups of judokas who won medals at World Championships and Olympic Games during the period 1995-2001 were analyzed. In the Super Elite group (n- 17) were the best athletes in each weight category. The Elite group (n = 16) were medal winners who were not champions and did not win more than three medals. Super Elite judokas used a greater number of throwing techniques which resulted in scores, even when expressed relative to the total number of matches performed, and these techniques were applied in more directions than those of Elite judokas. Further, the number of different throwing techniques and the variability of directions in which techniques were applied were significantly correlated with number of wins and the number of points and ippon scored. Thus, a greater number of throwing techniques and use of directions for attack seem to be important in increasing unpredictability during judo matches.

Source Citation:Franchini, Emerson, Stanislaw Sterkowicz, Cassio Miranda Meira Jr., Fabio Rodrigo Ferreira Gomes, and Go Tani. "Technical variation in a sample of high level judo players.(Author abstract)(Report)." Perceptual and Motor Skills 106.3 (June 2008): 859(11). Academic OneFile. Gale. BROWARD COUNTY LIBRARY. 15 Aug. 2009
Gale Document Number:A182977441

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