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Judo : Medal Sweep For Cameroon

Over 80 athletes from three countries in the Central African region participated at the Yaounde judo tournament.

It was an exciting weekend for adepts of martial arts, precisely judo, in the nation's capital and the country in general. The event was the 2005 edition of the Yaounde International Judo Tournament. Organised by the Cameroon Judo Federation (FECAJUDO), under the supervision of the African Judo Union (UAJ) and the International Judo Federation (FIJ), the competition brought together over 80 athletes from three countries in Central African sub region. They are Chad, Gabon and Cameroon.

Originally scheduled to take place in March, the tournament was postponed to June due to the elections exercise in the federation at the beginning of the year. During the first two days, the competition was according to categories but the last day was the Open Tournament for all categories. The athletes competed in 14 different categories both men and ladies respectively.

At the end of the competition, the Cameroonian athletes emerged champions winning a total of 56 medals; 14 gold, 14 silver, 28 bronze. Gabon was second with zero medals and Chad came third with zero medal as well. The Armed Forces and Police team (FAP), won the greatest number of medals. The team won a total of 25 medals; 8 gold, 8 silver and 9 bronze According to the coach of FAP Judo club, Chief Sergeant Agnan Paul, his team has been able to make it due to hard work. The FAP judo club has the best athletes in the country and has made great strides in the national and international scene. Chief sergeant Agnan Paul is certain that he will send at least three of his athletes to the Francophonie Games in December this year.

The national technical director, Mvondo Etoga, expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Cameroonian athletes. He said the new group of athletes in the national team will replace the old one such as Mvondo Etoga, Melaping Rostand, Abolo, etc.

The national team coach for Chad, Abakar M'bairo, said that his team could not make it due to lack of experience. He however said that the competition was an opportunity for the Chadian athletes to learn from the rich experience of the Cameroonians. The national senior individual championship has been billed for July 22 to 24 in Yaounde.

by Elizabeth Mosima

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