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direction of fall

In competitions, judokas tend to have a predominant direction of fall: forwards or backwards. A relationship was hypothesized between the direction of fall and certain parameters of the judokas' postural activities. 20 judokas, 16 to 19 yr. old (17.7 [+ or -] 0.4 yr.), had practised judo for at least seven years. They were separated into two groups. The group of forward fallers (n-9) and the group of backward fallers (n = 11) performed posturokinetic tests to assess their static and dynamic balance. One parameter assessed through the analysis of postural activities, the average position of anteroposterior dynamic oscillations, was inversely related to the judokas' direction of fall. Postural activities might not play a direct role but perhaps an indirect one in the direction of falls by expert judokas.

Source Citation:Paillard, Thierry, Richard Montoya, and Philippe Dupui. "Influence of postural regulation in male judokas' direction of falls.(Author Abstract)." Perceptual and Motor Skills 101.3 (Dec 2005): 885(6). InfoTrac Psychology eCollection. Gale. BROWARD COUNTY LIBRARY. 17 May 2009

Gale Document Number:A141908406

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